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Note: Video conversion takes few seconds. Please wait for 5-7 seconds after clicking on Download button. Video conversion time depends on the video quality and video time duration. Please wait for few seconds until conversion is completely done.

The Best YouTube Downloader

ConvertBug YouTube Downloader helps you to directly download and save YouTube videos in any device and in any format.

Safe To Use

With the idea in mind to allow people download there YouTube videos we have introduced a safe platform to download your YouTube videos in order to watch it anywhere and anytime.

Fast And User-Friendly

While using such online downloading application it is important to provide a user friendly platform and that is what we are doing by providing a friendly user interface which allows you to download your YouTube videos without any extra complications.

All Audio/Video Formats Supported

A video downloader must be advanced enough to provide all the features within the single platform. With this idea in mind we are providing a downloader which is enough advanced that it can support all the formats. As this is the only way through which we can gain user’s interest towards our platform.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows you to download information through the internet and stores it on your device. It is important to know that the downloader does not only work as downloading the video but it must be saved properly in your device as well. Similarly YouTube downloader saves the downloaded file at proper location which can be accessed later on.

YouTube is an online application that allows you to watch and share several videos. If we look through a broader perspective, YouTube is a platform with videos in all genres, enabling you to earn money by uploading videos and giving a great entertainment experience by displaying anything you need.

ConvertBug is a free application, people still wish to watch videos offline when they are free or need to save them on their mobile phones. Through our website, you can watch videos whether you have an internet connection or not. Our conversion service converts files as per your mobile application downloadable format, and then you can watch or listen it anytime, anywhere.

YouTube allows you to download videos and save them in the application, sometimes the downloadable content disappears if it needs to be renewed, if the mobile phone isn't connected to the internet.

Keeping this in mind, you can download any YouTube video to your mobile phone or PC and watch it through your gallery anytime.

Why Choose Us?

One of the primary reasons which made our website a popular platform among its audience is that you can download any video in mp3, mp4 or any other extension that is available on YouTube irrespective of genres. By using our website, you can download unlimited YouTube videos in audio or video format for free.

Downloading YouTube Videos for free

If we talk about the available formats that might download the video, there are plenty of options. This decision is yours, as to which one do you prefer and how much heavy file your device can support. Downloading in different formats requires a few basic steps, which are different.

How to Download YouTube video in MP3?

If you want to download the YouTube video to Mp3, the process is simple and inclusive of few steps, which are as follows;

  1. Open YouTube through your browser.
  2. Search the video you wish to download.
  3. Click on the video and Copy the URL displayed above in the address bar.
  4. Paste the URL in our website search bar to convert, select the MP3 format.
  5. As the conversion is finished, click on the download button.
  6. Here you go, the video will be then downloaded as Mp3 in your device.

How to use Convert Bug YouTube Downloader?

Although downloading a YouTube video and converting it to your desired format is an easy way out. It is a bit tricky when you have to change formats, except the steps are the same.

Basically, there are two ways to download a video, either you copy the URL/link directly to the converter or search the video and then take out the URL.

  1. Open YouTube through a web browser.
  2. Search for the video.
  3. It would show several different results.
  4. Select the one you wish to download.
  5. Copy its URL displayed in the address bar.
  6. Open a video downloader, paste the URL.
  7. select the format in which you wish to download the video.
  8. Click on download, which will start the conversion process. Remember that this will take time as per the size of the video.


Q: What is the purpose of using a downloader?

A: Although YouTube allows you to save videos within the application, it requires an internet connection to view, and there are several different complications as well. Downloading the video takes one-time internet connectivity, which converts in the desired format and then it gets saved in your gallery, which can be watched anytime, anywhere. You can share it with others as well.

Q: How is YouTube a safe platform for earning money?

A: If we look at the beginning of YouTube, it wasn't much popular with very few videos and features, but as the technology moves towards its advancement, its features are increasing. When uploading a video on YouTube became a trend as people started earning money through the view, and billions of people worldwide started joining YouTube. It was when its earning factor came in front of people. For any application, if the user's trust is once broken, then he won't move towards that aspect, YouTube remains consistent, although it has some of the earning policies, and as soon as you have accomplished those, you can earn. Of Course, it is a safe platform from each perspective, as making it unsafe would definitely lose its users, and YouTube only works because of its users.

Q: What is the purpose of downloading in different formats?

A: As formats allow you to download your device supporting capability. If the device you're using isn't capable of higher formats, then the video downloaded in a higher format is useless. The same goes with other formats as well.

Q: What is the purpose of an online video downloader?

A: Online video downloaders convert the videos into your desired formats and download them for your mobile phone to watch anywhere and anytime.

Q: How can we download YouTube videos through applications?

A: At this time, we do not support working through mobile application. But, mobile phones offer such applications in Play store, which allows you to download YouTube videos. This process reduces the effort of searching different trust-able video converters through the browser, which is a bit time-consuming. In contrast, applications are downloaded once, and you can then add a URL and take out the downloaded video. Once a trusted application is downloaded to your mobile phone, searching for several services over the internet would reduce.